Sunday, May 10, 2015


So over the course of this school year my 20time project has changed quite a bit but I ended up with a really nice project that was right in the zone of what I was looking to accomplish through 20time. There were plenty of struggles within my project, I hit about ever road block there was but it was those mistakes and those issues that allowed me to realize the importance of a positive attitude in business and helped me work on communication skills. I had to push my own comfort zone and make team and class announcements  well as communicating changes on the hats with the people I worked with. This project had a lot of positive affects for me, I connected me with people in industries that I might want to work with later in life. Also something that stuck out to me was that my project helped me engage and more fully understand material in both my Accounting 1 and 2, and Economics courses. Although this project was a fun and interesting learning experience for me I think it should be tied to another course or theoretically every course. Along with the material given maybe having a 20time style project for elective classes would benefit kids involved. This would allow a narrower topic giving kids an idea of how to approach this opportunity and also because they enrolled in that class, most students choose them because they have an interest in the subject. I also think for a lot of kids it wasn't a priority. I know for me, a lot of times when I have a lot of things that were happening at the same time, this project seemed to be low on my priorities list. I think it was hard for kids that had yet to think about things they would like to do before college or even over the course of their life. My 20time was something I was interested in so I wanted to keep on top of it. Something else I noticed was that most kids were looking to do events but not one from my class is doing theirs this year or at all. I think that goals for this project should be tough but achievable and maybe a way to focus next years group would be to have them type up or draw out a game plan for their project and it shouldn't be permanent but somewhere to start. Over the course of this year through my project, I learned the importance of motivation when trying to accomplish long term goals. As my motivation decreased so did my productivity, so if 20time continues I would want to see kids more motivated then our class who seemed unsteadily motivated. I hope this project is continued not for the many that fake through it but for the few that will make a difference.