Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 9

So this week has been quite the adventure for me in regards to my project. I began the week very unmotivated but I started working and thinking and some good and some bad things came out of it. On Friday I emailed the company I had talked to before, but they had very high prices I tried to talk them down and they told me they would wave the initial $40 fee. However the cost per hat embroidery (not including the hat itself) is still $15 and that means to make a profit I would have to charge somewhere at $30 or more per hat when I sell them. Not only are their prices still too high but they asked that I come in help make and package the hats as well. I was not happy with that answer because not only are they still charging an insane amount per had but I have to come in and help. I am very sorry but for their price per hat I could not accept that offer. However them waiving that $40 was not a deal but a wage. So in the midst of my frustration I called my older brother in college to see if he would be interested in allowing me to sell my hats on his website ( He likes my ideas but his company is all made in America and my hats were not. We did have a very helpful conversation though. We talked about selling the hats at our school store and working with the sports teams at my school. He however thinks I should look into belts as well. Which I'm semi apposed to because Ive been stuck on hats for a while but I'm not completely against it. We both decided it would be best and most efficient to look for someone who could both provide the hat and the embroidery. Yet one more complication is that my aunt is still making me a sample hat but I have no clue where to go with that since she can't take on my whole project. I think my next few steps are finding another embroidery place and contacting Feeding America and seeing if they would like to help.

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