Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 6

Well this week was not too bad after I had ordered the pink hat last week I was feeling rather unproductive. However, this week I ordered a sample hat again and I loved it. It came in navy blue and in a great cotton material much better than the last. The only problem is the prices are steep I asked for a deal but the costumer service woman I spoke with explained they don't offer any sort of discounts. I would like to try again soon for a deal. I need to get the sample embroidered soon but that's just another step along this journey. Im looking to embroyeder it in a light blue on the navy hat. I'm pretty excited and I can't wait for the sample to be complete. I'll make sure to post a picture!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 5

        This week has been a very busy one! But I did make some time to work on my project. I ordered  a hat from Michaels that looked exactly like what I wanted to embroidered. So I ordered it and it came yesterday. It was not at all what I was expecting. The hat was the right color but a crazy shape. So    now I have to start again by finding another place to buy hats. I will do this by emailing other companies who sell hats and see how they were able to start. I am a little worried about my embroiderer, she  seems to be very busy right now. So it looks like I'm in the market for that as well.       It feels like I am taking one step forward and two steps back right now. I've also had extremely limited time to be working to my twenty time project  over the last month. This past weekend however, I was able to practice my pitches at our regional DECA competition. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about business and how to present ideas. I did not do as well in the competition as I was hoping but  this was my first year. I can't wait to try again next year. So now back to the hats, I think the next step  is to get a great looking demo something I can point to when asked about the product ideas. From making the demo, move into larger orders of the that. However, I am worried it will take a long time to get a great looking demo and even longer for the larger orders. So my biggest barrier is time to work  on this and limited time to have it all done. The design will stay the same but getting a website up will help as well. I won't start the website up until I have products to sell. I have a simple classic design in mind, a navy blue back round color with lighter blue accents. The website will be clean and easy to read and navigate. I want the site to be nautical themed. Also I haven't had time to send emails to prospective investors but I would really like to do that. Having a little cash to move with would really jump-start this project and make it much more possible to complete in the time given. I have a very ambitious goal that I am worried I won't be able to complete but this is not me saying that I give up.      I still have a lot to complete but I believe that I can accomplish my goal and Ive already learned and  will continue to over the course of this project and this school year.  I need to sit down and focus on this for a while but with Midterms coming up it might have to wait a little while. Please leave any suggests or contact information for me if you would like.