Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week 4

This week was one I stuggled with most I seem to be at a stand still. I found my hats but I need the prices so I know what I need to fundrais. I wasn't anticipating this part would take so long. The next step for me is to make the money for the first order of hats and then market and sell them to interested costumers. I was brainstorming fundraising but I've been coming up with nothing I need something quick and simple but effective I really wish I had an investor that could lead me more. They're May be opertunities for that so I might send a few email this week to people I think might be interested. Please let me know if you all know anyone you think might be interested!! Id love to speak with them. This week I will also  brainstorm marketing idea and website designs. I've got a lot to do but even now I'm starting to learn about the process of beginning a company. I can't wait to get moving more these next few weeks and  start seeing results for my work.