Sunday, May 10, 2015


So over the course of this school year my 20time project has changed quite a bit but I ended up with a really nice project that was right in the zone of what I was looking to accomplish through 20time. There were plenty of struggles within my project, I hit about ever road block there was but it was those mistakes and those issues that allowed me to realize the importance of a positive attitude in business and helped me work on communication skills. I had to push my own comfort zone and make team and class announcements  well as communicating changes on the hats with the people I worked with. This project had a lot of positive affects for me, I connected me with people in industries that I might want to work with later in life. Also something that stuck out to me was that my project helped me engage and more fully understand material in both my Accounting 1 and 2, and Economics courses. Although this project was a fun and interesting learning experience for me I think it should be tied to another course or theoretically every course. Along with the material given maybe having a 20time style project for elective classes would benefit kids involved. This would allow a narrower topic giving kids an idea of how to approach this opportunity and also because they enrolled in that class, most students choose them because they have an interest in the subject. I also think for a lot of kids it wasn't a priority. I know for me, a lot of times when I have a lot of things that were happening at the same time, this project seemed to be low on my priorities list. I think it was hard for kids that had yet to think about things they would like to do before college or even over the course of their life. My 20time was something I was interested in so I wanted to keep on top of it. Something else I noticed was that most kids were looking to do events but not one from my class is doing theirs this year or at all. I think that goals for this project should be tough but achievable and maybe a way to focus next years group would be to have them type up or draw out a game plan for their project and it shouldn't be permanent but somewhere to start. Over the course of this year through my project, I learned the importance of motivation when trying to accomplish long term goals. As my motivation decreased so did my productivity, so if 20time continues I would want to see kids more motivated then our class who seemed unsteadily motivated. I hope this project is continued not for the many that fake through it but for the few that will make a difference.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 11

This week has been very good for my project, I have a sample hat for the sailing team and I'm ready to take a count of how many people are getting them. That makes me a little nervous because I really want everyone to be excited about them but I know you can't please everyone. So once I collect money for those I'll be able to donate the 15% right away. The next thing I would like to do is talk to our mothers club to see if I could sell hats at my school. I will also send an email to other sailing programs offering hats with their burgees. The sailing community is one I'm very familiar with and I can't wait to start making them for everyone. I would like to do ones that are with my logo and then some with organizations who would like to support those who are hungry. Im very excited to continue my work and see what kind of a difference I can really make in people's lives.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 10

So here's what I am up to lately, I am pitching my idea to the sailing coach to design and work on making hats for my school's team. If he says yes then there's a good chance I could get 25 of the kids to buy them. I could make a small but reasonable profit for my effort, probably only like $75-$100 but it's a good start and if I could talk to more of the teams it could really add up. I have all the designs printed and ready to show the sailing coach and I am talking with some of the kids on the team to see which designs they like better. I will also will be looking at making a powerpoint presentation to send out to my mom's friends that work in Junior Sailing to see if any of them would be interested in helping me fund my business. I am still working with my aunt to create a general design for the company itself, not any sports. So I have a bit of work to do and not much time to do it because my schedule starts to really be tight in the spring. Wish me luck :)))

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 9

So this week has been quite the adventure for me in regards to my project. I began the week very unmotivated but I started working and thinking and some good and some bad things came out of it. On Friday I emailed the company I had talked to before, but they had very high prices I tried to talk them down and they told me they would wave the initial $40 fee. However the cost per hat embroidery (not including the hat itself) is still $15 and that means to make a profit I would have to charge somewhere at $30 or more per hat when I sell them. Not only are their prices still too high but they asked that I come in help make and package the hats as well. I was not happy with that answer because not only are they still charging an insane amount per had but I have to come in and help. I am very sorry but for their price per hat I could not accept that offer. However them waiving that $40 was not a deal but a wage. So in the midst of my frustration I called my older brother in college to see if he would be interested in allowing me to sell my hats on his website ( He likes my ideas but his company is all made in America and my hats were not. We did have a very helpful conversation though. We talked about selling the hats at our school store and working with the sports teams at my school. He however thinks I should look into belts as well. Which I'm semi apposed to because Ive been stuck on hats for a while but I'm not completely against it. We both decided it would be best and most efficient to look for someone who could both provide the hat and the embroidery. Yet one more complication is that my aunt is still making me a sample hat but I have no clue where to go with that since she can't take on my whole project. I think my next few steps are finding another embroidery place and contacting Feeding America and seeing if they would like to help.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 8

This week was more difficult then I imagined, in regards to my project. I think at this point I should just get my demo ready. I have the hat but I didn't think it would be this difficult to get it embroidered. My aunt could get it done but I'm afraid it would take somewhere beyond a week or two and I aim to have it embroidered by next Thursday. I will contact my original partner once more and if I am without response then I will begin communicating with the store closest to me. I really am not super excited about this stage and want the demo finished quickly so that I could finish more and begin selling. My time and motivation has been limited lately but I think as soon as the demo is finished I will begin to see  my vision for Ocean Catch more clearly. The prototype will also be great for photo shoots and starting marketing my ideas. I was thinking maybe of partnering with someone working on a photography project if they would be interested in helping me as well. However, those ideas a longer term. I can't wait for the prototype to be finished and I will make sure to post a picture of it. Wish me luck this week I'm going to need it!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 7

This week I focused on getting my new hat embroidered I'm looking at getting embroidered locally with a place on really close to me and I sent them an email asking them if they thought they could do what I wanted with them. I'm anticipating a responce and I will hopefully send the hat down soon so they can get started as soon as possible and as soon as that's ready then Ill have my first prototype ready. I still need to nagociate prices with custom inc and with the embroiderer to see if they're will to help me with my project. I was so excited when the navy hat came because it was exactly what I was looking for and I think that things are coming together well. I just need to hope that the logo and words come out how I want them on the hats. If not then it's backto square one. Can't wait to see what happens next!! Hope you'll come along!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 6

Well this week was not too bad after I had ordered the pink hat last week I was feeling rather unproductive. However, this week I ordered a sample hat again and I loved it. It came in navy blue and in a great cotton material much better than the last. The only problem is the prices are steep I asked for a deal but the costumer service woman I spoke with explained they don't offer any sort of discounts. I would like to try again soon for a deal. I need to get the sample embroidered soon but that's just another step along this journey. Im looking to embroyeder it in a light blue on the navy hat. I'm pretty excited and I can't wait for the sample to be complete. I'll make sure to post a picture!